Methods You Can Apply to Lessen Your Coffee's Bitterness

Because bitterness is a key component of coffee's flavor profile and can occasionally be overdone, it is a regular occurrence in coffee and beverages that contain coffee. A bad cup of coffee can be caused by a variety of factors since coffee can be very fussy.

This article looks at approaches to lessen the bitterness of your coffee as well as how to fix the issue once the coffee has already been prepared.

Refine the Brewing Period

Have you ever waited long for coffee at a neighborhood café just to be disappointed? It's possible that the problem is the amount of time it takes to make the coffee. The bitter notes in coffee usually appear at the very end of the brewing process. So if you let it steep for an excessively long time, you'll largely extract bitter flavors. 

In order to avoid ingesting any of the bitter profile, baristas are increasingly letting an espresso shot continue to pull while moving the glass into which it is being pulled.

So the answer is straightforward: Brew your coffee for less time if it's too bitter. If this occurs at your preferred coffee shop, it might be time to conduct local exploration.

Alter the Temperature of Your Water

Many people who drink coffee prefer it hot. Although it's part of the charm, you should be aware that your desire for extremely hot coffee may detract from its flavor.

Boiling the water before adding it to the coffee grinds is common among coffee consumers who prepare instant coffee, French presses, or pour-overs. Most frequently, it is advised to just heat water to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Get the Right Coffee Grind Size

As already established, coffee is a finicky culinary endeavor. Besides the grind size, several variables might affect the final bitterness of the coffee. When it comes to flavor, that might be one of the most crucial features of coffee. 

A fine grind can produce bitterness, making over-extraction more likely to occur. That implies that since the bitter components are added at the end of the brew, you are extracting them.

Invest in Better Beans

One adage from life that comes to me frequently is the proverbial "You get what you pay for." Although you can occasionally acquire good coffee beans at a reasonable price, these are quite rare. Cheaper beans are priced that way for a reason. 

They might have been produced and harvested at low elevations, badly cared for, or improperly roasted to hide errors.


There are several factors that contribute to cheap coffee's low price, and if you enjoy the flavor, that's fantastic. However, here's the catch: there's a good possibility that cheap coffee will be bitter.

There are a wide variety of coffee consumers worldwide. But if you like a less bitter cup, it might be time to give up the tin can and switch to specialty coffee. 

Also, experiment with different methods to see what works best for you, including  adding milk or cream, adding sugar, and adding salt.

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