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6 Ways How Drinking African Coffee Can Help the Environment

Our food consumption causes a significant impact on the environment because of the number of resources required to produce it. For example, beef production requires a considerable amount of land, water, and energy. Additionally, the transportation and storage of food require additional resources. Of course, many food manufacturers have taken steps to ensure the environmental impact of our food consumption by producing sustainable choices, such as African coffee.

African coffee is notable for being produced in an environmentally sustainable way. For one, it's grown outside of full sunlight reduces the amount of water and energy required for production. Additionally, the coffee beans are often hand-picked, which further reduces the impact on the environment. Beyond that, African coffee plants are also low-maintenance, so you can rest easy knowing that your plants will grow even if you don't constantly water them. Despite this, many are skeptical because they'd instead stick to their preferred coffee. For this reason, we'll discuss the various ways how African coffee helps the environment, such as: 

#1 - Grown in the Shade

The growing of African coffee is unique in that it's often grown in the shade. This is in contrast to other coffee plants grown in direct sunlight. The growing of coffee in the shade has a few benefits. For one, it requires less water to grow. This is because the shade helps to retain moisture in the soil. Additionally, it also requires less energy to grow. This is because the shade helps protect the coffee beans from the sun's harsh rays.

#2 - Low-Maintenance

African coffee plants are also low-maintenance. This contrasts with other coffee plants requiring significant water and energy to grow. The low maintenance of African coffee plants helps reduce the environmental impact. This is because it requires fewer resources to grow them. It also helps reduce the number of wasted coffee beans since they are often damaged when grown in full sunlight.

#3 - Utilizes Regenerative Farming

Regenerative farming refers to using natural processes to restore and maintain the fertility of the land. This type of farming is based on the belief that the land is a living organism that must be managed in a way that ensures its long-term health and productivity.

African coffee farmers have used regenerative farming practices for centuries. These practices help to improve the quality of the soil and the coffee plants. They also help reduce the water and energy needed to grow coffee.

#4 - Hand-Picking Reduces Industrial Waste

In many coffee-growing regions, coffee cherries are harvested by machines. This can lead to industrial waste, as the machines often damage the coffee cherries. On the other hand, hand-picking is a more gentle process that results in less damage to the coffee cherries. This means there is less waste, and the coffee is of higher quality.

#5 - Diverse Species

Coffee is a very diverse plant with over 100 different species. These species are found all over the world, and each one has its unique flavor. This diversity is vital for the coffee industry because it allows coffee farmers to grow different types of coffee to meet the market's demands.

For example, if the market is demanding a particular type of coffee that is not being produced in sufficient quantities, farmers can grow that type of coffee to meet the demand. This helps to ensure that the coffee industry can continue to grow and prosper.

#6 - Naturally Processed

Most coffees nowadays are often artificially produced because companies want to save costs. However, this isn't always good because it may lead to adverse health problems. African coffee isn't a problem because it is naturally processed. This means the coffee is grown naturally and isn’t exposed to artificial chemicals or pesticides. This results in a much healthier and tastier coffee than its artificially produced counterparts.


If you're planning to get coffee, you should get African coffee to help preserve the environment. Because it's all naturally produced, you can be sure that you're getting a healthier and tastier coffee. Remember to drink in moderation because too much coffee can cause health issues.

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